Dr. Marcia’s Blog – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!  I wish each and every one of you  a New Year full of abundant health and happiness!!

For many people ringing in the New Year means renewing their commitment to a healthy lifestyle which may include weight loss.  There are many dieting /weight loss programs advertised all over on TV, internet etc. that boast their successes.  My recommendation is to watch the approach of the program to ensure the weight loss is safe and healthy using healthful nutrients.  Look for a program or diet  that focuses on measuring body composition (percentage of body fat as compared to lean body weight) as its approach to gauging your progress. If you are attempting a weight loss program on your own you will want to monitor your own body composition on a regular basis to ensure that in fact you are losing the body fat versus the muscle or lean tissue on the body.   The most effective programs target body fat loss while maintaining your muscle and lean body weight (I will touch more on this in future posts).

In our practice we have found most effective and simple to use  with our patients has been the Ideal Protein weight loss program.  Please see our products page for more information or come to one of our Information Sessions which we host twice per month.  Our next sessions will be Wed January 23rd and Wed Feb 6th at 6pm.  Call for details or to register (780)395-9899.

Yours in health,

Dr. Marcia

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